Day 18 – 18 January

A day very much of two halves today. The morning and afternoon was spent on or about the railway; a train along the Derwent Valley line, a walk from Belper to Duffield, a dash to Sheffield and then a visit to one of the most unusual and little-used stations in the country, Peartree. All in the company of good friends Daniel and Jack, of course.

For the evening it was to the hills; my first visit to Crich Tramway Village, home of the National Tramway Museum, this year, for an interesting meeting about some of the mid- and long-term plans of the Tramway Museum Society’s Journal, of which I am the Editor. All was going swimmingly, till we got a call from a colleague to look outside. SNOW! (I hate snow, unless I am skiing.) Around an inch had fallen, so we cut things short, said our goodbyes and bid a hasty retreat…

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