Day 20 – 20 January

Oh, what a night! Another great Fromage fest down… and not a hangover in sight. Finally(!) saw B*Witched live (including absolutely bop C’est La Vie) and had Boyzone walk past me whilst I was at the bar (I was never a fan…).

As always these DJ gigs aren’t the easiest, but we made it through and entertained the crowds. Having a whole venue following along a conga line is always a blast!

Anyway, the Fromagemobile dropped me back at Taunton and that was it. Or was it?

Today’s highlight was definitely catching up with all-round good egg Bod, who managed to wangle us a look around the much-depleted Bristol Panel Signal Box. Much like my own Cabins, the days for this Panel are numbered, with large amounts of it already out of use and transferred to the Thames Valley Signalling Centre (TVSC, for short…).

It’s always interesting to see other signallers* at work, and how other railways run and operate. But I definitely prefer my levers to rotary switches and push buttons…

*Signaller is the current job title in Network Rail-land, and it’s also inherently gender neutral. There’s a huge argument by many in signalling circles about it, and far too many who refuse to use it at all. At the end of the day, as with everything, you respect an individual’s wishes. If you want to be a Signalman, I’ll call you a Signalman, but show everyone the same respect and start with what the job title actually is.

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