Day 41 – 10 February

Today has been fantastic. It’s not often you get to see three of your best friends all in one day, but I maded it happen. I am Kween.

After a ‘fun’ night of sending test trains to Hammersmith and High Street it was down to Waterloo for breakfast with Claire, which was fab. We had SO MUCH to talk about.

Then I had a few hours to kill so caught up with some Labyrinth work that I’ve been neglecting, before heading to Victoria to see Louis and Emily; we’re the jetsetting dream trio, an unstoppable force of nature. Or something.

Our plan had been to pick up our Circle line tour from two(!) years ago, but in the end we just stopped in Victoria and caught up over a Pepsi (no, it’s never okay) for the firsg time since ‘Murica last year. And it was bliss. 🖤

Sadly all great things must come to an end… yep, it’s back to work for Night Number Four. At least I’m on the home straight…?

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