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365 is a daily photography project from MoreToJack and Being Charley. The aim simple: for every day of 2020, take and upload a photograph keeping track of the highs, lows and general trials and tribulations of life. But there’s a catch: only one photo may be taken for the project every day. Take it too soon and there’s a chance of missing a milestone event. Leave it too late and it’s another photo of our dinner… Will we succeed, or will we crash out at the very beginning? This is 365.

Jack looks on from the side of the stage during the 2018 Rickmansworth Festival. Everything’s under control! © Alex Robertson


Born in London and raised in the Peak District, Jack is never far from his camera, seeking to capture everything from the mundane to the magnificent in photographic form. Self-taught in a variety of disciplines, Jack is diligent in everything he does, seeking to capture the minute details within the bigger story to be told. He is also a keen film-maker and writer, skills he often combines with his photography to create engaging content for a huge variety of clients and audiences. Jack’s interests are wide and varied, spending much of his time researching and traversing transit systems across the globe, and regularly writing for industry publications. Elsewhere, he’s a keen pursuer of outdoor adventure, with proficiencies in rock climbing, power boating and skiing to name but a few. Professionally, Jack spends his days keeping London’s Underground network running smoothly; a small cog within a much larger machine transporting thousands of Londonders every day. No stone is left unturned in Jack’s quest to live and explore life to its full potential, and he is never far from planning his next adventure.

Jack elsewhere:

Charley climbs the stairs to the north face of Southwark station, where she featured on the artwork ‘The Bower of Bliss’ for the majority of 2019. © Fordtography

Being Charley

Charley Jessica is a 27-year-old gender fluid lifestyle blogger based in London. Her interests include fashion, musical theatre and social history, as well as championing gender diversity, transgender visibility and mental health awareness. Professionally, Charley is an award-winning instructor signal operator on the world’s oldest Underground urban railway network – the London Underground – and is the first, and to date the only, openly gender fluid person to undertake that role. When not keeping the trains rolling Charley can often be found inside a performing arts venue, following her love for musical theatre and fuelling her perhaps slightly unhealthy obsession for all things Les Misérables. Charley writes about her daily adventures as a gender fluid person, offering an insight into experiences shared by thousands in a similar position across the globe. She challenges societal stereotypes and works tirelessly to educate and engage about the gender spectrum. Charley’s work specialises in the transport sector, where she engages with numerous stakeholders to challenge commonly held notions of sex and gender and seek to improve the experiences for staff and customers travelling on Britain’s transport networks.

Charley elsewhere:


If you want to see more about what we get up to during our daily lives you can check out our social media accounts, or our individual blogs. We also love having a natter with new people, so if you want to say hey then drop us an email at us@jcmg.io, or use the form below – we’d love to hear from you! We’re also available for freelance writing and speaking opportunities, as well as interviews and more details about both our daily life and gender fluidity. We’ll try and answer your enquiry within 24 hours of receipt, but if it’s urgent you can get in touch with us on Telegram messenger (Jack / Charley).

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